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        Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

        Sales Hotline: +86-756-7221610

        Welcome to the website of Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.!



        Employees are the foundation of our world's survival and development.
        Good staff, bring good products and good services.
        Brand employees create brand success.

        Our Talent View

        Choosing people with ethics, employing talents, cultivating talents based on talents, and keeping people in love
        Recruiting people: Recognizing Anyu's values is the prerequisite for our selection. We choose employees with both meritocracy and ethics first.
        Employing talents: People do their best, let employees do their job and do their best. At An Yu, whoever has the better ability can get more important jobs.
        Cultivate talents according to their aptitude: The ruler has a short length and an inch, and the company cultivates talents that focus on its strengths and educates according to its aptitude. We make a personalized career plan based on each person's situation.
        Passion for others: We provide employees with a broad space for development, so that their capabilities can be exerted. We create a more friendly working environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talent.

        Our view of work

        We advocate a healthy, happy, active and scientific outlook on work. Physical and mental health, enjoy the work, can get the real joy of life.
        The company provides comprehensive salary and welfare guarantees for each employee, and provides broad development space for each employee.
        Anyu Digital in development invites you to join us!